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FieldScope User Survey

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FieldScope User Survey

    FieldScope requires the Adobe Flash Player. Download the flash player here

    FieldScope requires Flash version 10.2.0 or newer.

    NOTE: Apple's Mobile Safari browser on the iPhone and iPad does not support the Flash player. To use FieldScope on one of these devices, consider purchasing a third-party web browser that supports Flash, such as Puffin.


    Slide 2/18- Project BudBurst observations.


    Slide 3/18 - Project BudBurst Observation Details.


    Slide 4/18 Sorting Project BudBurst Observations.


    Slide 5/18 - Customizing Your Map.


    Slide 6/18 - Using the Themes Tab.


    Slide 7/18 - Customizing data that appear on your map.


    Slide 8/18- Turning data on and off.


    Slide 9/18 - Customize what data appears on the map using the FieldScope filter tools. You can filter data by species, phenophase and/or observation date.


    Slide 10/18 - You can filter the data that is displayed on the map, by the time period of observations (the beginning and end dates).


    Slide 11/18 - To filter data by phenophase or species, use the "Constraints" options.


    Slide 12/18 - You can quickly zoom to a geographic location on the map using the Search tools. Notice that the SEARCH tool turns white when you click on it.


    Slide 13/18 - Type in a location and then hit "search" to find it on the map.


    Slide 14/18 - There are also drawing tools that you can use to highlight and label different areas of your map.


    Slide 15 / 18 - Change the look of your map by selecting different basemap options. The basemap above is called "Satellite" uses photography.


    Slide 16/18 When you are done creating your map, you can save it. If you save it as an XML file, you can open it up later within the FieldScope application. You can also save it as an image.


    Slide 17 /18 - Once you close this tutorial, you can reopen it by clicking on the tutorial button in the upper right hand corner of the map.

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